Affordable Vinyl Decking™

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Affordable Vinyl Decking™ 

Luxury Woven Vinyl™ (LWV), combines both style and practicality. Heavy Traffic rated, lightweight, and incredibly easy to clean, our flooring is an outperformer. Along with these benefits, LWV features a  cushioned vinyl backing that provides long-lasting relief and support. 

8.5' Width - Compact Cushion 

Orders can be placed in 2' increments between 5'-30' Length.

SHIPPING NOTE *** Shipping is FREE but keep in mind, Infinity Floor is oversized in length. Our shipping carrier requires that oversized shipments be delivered to a business address only. If you cannot readily provide a business address, many of our customers use a local UPS Store or packing store for the delivery. By ordering an item marked for business delivery only, you agree to pay any additional residential delivery surcharges should our carrier determine that your address is a residence or a business in a residential area.

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